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Dear visitors, Welcome to our website.

Krasohled is a Czech non-state and non-profit organization with the legal statute of a public benefit company. Its object is propagating our village called Supíkovice, its surrounding and micro - region Zlatohorsko.

Our community has been established in January 2011, but it´s roots can reach three or four years earlier, when there was a plan and a thought to do something with our lovely scene. Should we please ourselves with that or should we share it with others? I remember myself tasting my friend´s berries (in it´s fluid state). I shared this with him – to build a lookout at the hillside of Křemenáč to see that brilliance even better. This crazy debate became highly supported by him and also his tasty berries. From the beginning we had many encouraging fellows. I opened heart to one of them and he knew the right people who know the right people… and the result? The lookout is up.

But this is still the beginning.

We want to support Supíkovice, a place where we live and have our homes. We would like to try to arrange information to our visitors. We really endeavor after open community and a feeling of connection. We wish to find more people, who want to share their ideas, dig in our history and delight ourselves by watching an online camera guarding a stork nest. We would also love to present our technical memory - an old lime – kiln which is important as well as our Primary School. We are after finding more historical trees and other interesting things. Let´s pull in more mates who can discuss what else we can do, what to improve.

This is our direction, this is our aim…

We cannot forget our sponsors, donators and willing helpers who are very important for us. We really appreciate them.

Vladislav Jankes (chairman of the board of directors)

Copyright 2011 KRASOHLED, o.p.s.


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